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August 2010

Top 10 Tips for Preventing Skin Cancer

I found this video on Youtube and wanted to share it with everyone:
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Top 10 Tips for Preventing Skin Cancer (Skin Cancer #9)
Skin cancer doesn't have to happen! Keep watching for 10 tips that will help keep your skin cancer-free. Get more video health tips at

Spray Tan Rap

I found this cool spray tan rap video and wanted to share it with everyone.  Hope you like it.  Some people will actually turn orange through the spray tan booth - this will not happen with the hand applied spray tan that I do - I promise.
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Give The Gift Of A Tan

Airbrush Tanning Gift Certificates in Tarzana CaliforniaBased on a few recommendations of my clients, I now offer gift certificates that you can purchase for friends or family members.
If you are a man and don't know what to give to the woman you love, you can almost never be wrong giving the gift of a tan.  Every woman wants to look and feel beautiful and not damage her skin in the sun.  Plus it's a big time saver and hides skin imperfections.  Who wants to lay out in the sun for weeks when you can get a tan in only 15 minutes.

Melanoma Skin Cancer Expected to Increase

In the video below, Dr. Schulz describes that the death rate for Melanoma skin cancer has increased 40%.  He states that in the year of 2010, approximately 9000 will die from Melanoma skin cancer or one person every hour. 
Unfortunately, I still have some good friends that still use tanning beds and abuse sun tanning (even though I do provide some great discounts to my close friends for Airbrush Tanning).  Luckily none of my friends have had any problems yet and I hope it will continue and I will continue to raise awareness about skin cancer.

The Environment Where You Get Your Spray Tan

Some of you who are considering my spray tan services, have never been to visit me at my location, so I wanted to give you an idea of the environment where you get your spray tan done.  I am renting a private room in a private Fitness Center by the name of Gym Spot in Tarzana, California.  Inside the room I have a desk, chairs, palm trees, a tiki bar, waterfall and a tent.  I wanted to make it tropical looking so you can feel like you just went on a 15 minute vacation and then be beautifully tanned after leaving my place.