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My Spray Tan Blog

February 2011

My new Airbrush Tanning Video

This weekend I felt a little creative and wanted to create a new viral video for my Airbrush Tanning services.  I think most people who do Airbrush Tanning will agree to the happy feeling that you get right after the Airbrush Tanning.  Do you agree?
Here is my new video:
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Bodybuilding Competition Airbrush Tanning

I had the opportunity to spray tan Susie for her professional bodybuilding competion.  Here are her pictures:
It took me about 1 hour and 30 minutes because spray tanning someone for a bodybuilding competition is done a bit different.  I use different solutions for bodybuilders.  Bodybuilders have to be sprayed 4-5 times and in-between spray sessions, there is a drying phase as well.