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My Spray Tan Blog

April 2011

Airbrush Tanning Training Courses

A few month ago I decided that I wanted to share the Airbrush Tanning business with others.  I have been working in this business now for several years and love it.  I feel that this is one of the best and most affordable businesses anyone can start.
I started developing a new website offering my private hands-on training.  The website is  I started working on the site in January 2011 and then got a little busy and was not able to finish the site.

Hair Tinsel & Airbrush Tanning available in Los Angeles

Today, one of my clients took advantage of my combination special to get an Airbrush Tan with hair tinsels.  She started with only 5 strands in her hair but then the next day she came back for more.
I'm telling you this is so addicting - just like Airbrush Tanning :-)
They are so sparkly and look really nice in the hair.  Most of my clients who added the tinsels to their hair were blond and finally I have someone with red hair.  She decided to get the gold color in her hair.