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December 2012

Sun Tanning Lotion or Airbrush Tanning - Which is better?

I've been asked many times about my opinion on Self Tanning Lotions vs. Airbrush Tans.  Years ago when airbrush tanning did not excist, I would have told you that self tanning cream/lotions is the way to go because it was the safer way to get a tan. But now I really strongly believe that Airbrush Tanning is the better way to get a tan.
Before Airbrush Tanning existed I used to always use Sunless tanning lotions.  It was great and at that time my favorite sun tanning lotion was the Bare Mineral Faux Tan brand as it looked really natural and did not have a strong self tanner smell.

Tanning Beds Ban in Australia - Could the USA be next?

If you have not heard yet, Tanning beds are being banned in Australia effective 2015 and I'm wondering if the US will be next.  Australia has the highest rate of skin cancer victims. 
I know I had my share of tanning bed years and never even used the Goggles to protect my eyes.  Luckily I have not had an issues with skin cancer but I do have vision problems. I am so happy that I found spray tanning and I am determined to teach the art of spray tanning to as many people as possible.

New Airbrush Tanning Picture of a Client

It's been a while since I wrote into my blog here.  The reason is because I have been so busy the last several month and I'm glad that December is here. 
September and October was a very busy month for me. I had 12 students that I trained in Airbrush Tanning and because the weather was hot I also had a lot of spray tan customers.  
December is usually a slower month for spray tanning since the weather is not the best here in Los Angeles.  It's been raining a lot lately.