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Bodybuilding Compeition Spray Tan

How to prepare for a Competition Bodybuilder Spray Tan

bodybuilder spray tanning tipsLately I have been getting many phone calls forbodybuilder spray tansand I wanted to quickly write a blog post on how to prepare for the bodybuilder spray tan. 

First, I like to mention that I always get fresh new solution for each person that I spray tan because I want to make sure that I give a perfect tan with perfect color.  Sometimes, when storing the solution too long, the bronzer can go green and this is why I don't like to store too much solution.  Therefore please call me at least a week in advance to book your bodybuilder spray tan.

Need a Bodybuilder Spray Tan?

This last weekend I had the opportunity to give a bodybuilder spray tan to Katelin Chesna who is the co-owner of the Bar Method in Encino.

Katelin is originally very fair  and she needed to be spray tanned 3 days in a row in order to get her this dark.  If she is not dark enough then the judge may deducts points from her.

I just wanted share some of the beautiful pictures that were taken of her. Notice that she looks really brown?  On the last day I added extra bronzing drops to make her even darker for her competition.

Bodybuilding Competition Airbrush Tanning

I had the opportunity to spray tan Susie for her professional bodybuilding competion.  Here are her pictures:
It took me about 1 hour and 30 minutes because spray tanning someone for a bodybuilding competition is done a bit different.  I use different solutions for bodybuilders.  Bodybuilders have to be sprayed 4-5 times and in-between spray sessions, there is a drying phase as well.