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Season Change Requires More Moisturization To Keep a Good Spray Tan

It's the season again and I hear a lot of people are suffering from dry skin again.  This is normal with the season changing from the summer to the winter now.  I had written a blog post about this before when it changed from the winter to the summer time -click here to read my previous post.  All you need to do is hydrate your skin more and one of my favorite creams are Shea Butter or Hempz lotions.  

If you are not moisturizing and still want to spray tan, then one of the problems is that your body can not absorb the tanning solution as good and you might not feel dark enough with your tan outcome.

How to prepare for a Competition Bodybuilder Spray Tan

bodybuilder spray tanning tipsLately I have been getting many phone calls forbodybuilder spray tansand I wanted to quickly write a blog post on how to prepare for the bodybuilder spray tan. 

First, I like to mention that I always get fresh new solution for each person that I spray tan because I want to make sure that I give a perfect tan with perfect color.  Sometimes, when storing the solution too long, the bronzer can go green and this is why I don't like to store too much solution.  Therefore please call me at least a week in advance to book your bodybuilder spray tan.

The Season Change Can Produce Leopard/Snake Skin Spray Tans

My Tips For This Season

The season is changing to the summer time now and I am hearing more and more from clients (and also my students clients) that their spray tans produce a leopard or snake skin effect on the legs when fading.  It usually shows up mostly on the legs because our legs have the thinnest layer of skin.  It's always happening when the season changes from winter (May) to summer or from summer to winter (October).  Our skin goes through changes and during those seasons we are not hydrated enough.

Reviewing my Airbrush Tanning Services

Today I registered my Airbrush Tanning Services on the website and I wanted to provide you a quick way for you to write a review if you were happy with the outcome of my Airbrush Tan.  If you are not happy, I want to remind you that I do have a satisfaction guarantee and will do whatever it takes to correct a bad outcome. Even if I have to re-spray you for free.  Hopefully this will never happen, but just in case you will every have a problem, please let me know so I can fix it.

Simone's Top 10 Tips for Healthy Skin

After you airbrush tan, your skin will feel so luxurious, you'll want to keep it that way.
Here's my top 10 tips for retaining the youthful glow airbrushed skin:
  • use Tan Extender - I recommend "All About Me" or "Amber Sun Tan Extender" from Norvell.  I like the "All About Me" Tan Extender because it smells so good and also has CoQ10  to reduce the depth and appearance of wrinkles and increase skins moisture content.   I also like the brand from Norvell as it smells good, applies nicely because the lotion is very creamy and it also gives a great color.