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Hair Tinsels & Airbrush Tanning for Coachella Festival

Every year I get many clients who want to have a spray tan before going to the Coachella Festival and also Stagecoach Country Music Festival.  But this year I also had a client who wanted to add some sparkle to her hair.  I made a quick video so I could showcase the results here on my blog.  I almost forgot that I offer hair tinsel services :-)

Here is the video to show you how great and sparkly it can look in blond hair: 

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Hair Tinseling at Brentwood School A Huge Success

Last weekend I had a wonderful opportunity to apply hair tinsels to many of the girls at a school in Brentwood.  Every year they have the Harvest Festival there and organize many fun activities for the whole family.  I was there with another girls who helped tinseling during this event.  We were told that our booth was the most popular booth during the festival.  I was very happy to see that all the girls loved to have the tinsels in the hair.  I was also suprised that they wanted to have so many different colors in their hair.

Hair tinsels for Halloween

Today I was honored to have a friend visit me because she wanted to have some hair tinsels in her hair.  She has dark brown  hair but with a bit of a red tint so I added some golden copper tone hair tinsels into her hair.  It looked so good and she already texted me, telling me that people are asking her what it is in her hair.  She is already receiving many compliments about her hair. 
Hair Tinsels in Los AngelesI placed her hair tinsels a bit in-between her hair so it would not be so abvious looking.

Hair Tinsel & Airbrush Tanning available in Los Angeles

Today, one of my clients took advantage of my combination special to get an Airbrush Tan with hair tinsels.  She started with only 5 strands in her hair but then the next day she came back for more.
I'm telling you this is so addicting - just like Airbrush Tanning :-)
They are so sparkly and look really nice in the hair.  Most of my clients who added the tinsels to their hair were blond and finally I have someone with red hair.  She decided to get the gold color in her hair.

Shimmering Hair Tinsels/Hair Bling/Hair Flair Services

Several customers have asked me about hair tinsel services here in Los Angeles. It was was made popular by Beyonce and Adrienne Maloof from Real Housewifes of Beverly Hills.  So I decided to learn it and offer it to anyone who wishes to have some glamour added to their hair.
I also have it my own hair and always get many compliments - it definately gets noticed and people always ask what they are.  Below are some pictures of one of my client.  I will take more pictures from other clients soon.