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Overspray Tanning Booth

I've been getting a lot of phone calls about my previousblog poston my overspray tanning booth.  I realize that there are not many purchasing options out there, so I hope that my pictures can help others in my industry.  If you have called me before and I did not call you back, I want to apolgize and hope that you don't take it personal.  Unfortunately I don't have much free time to speak to everyone but this is why I write into my blog periodically.

Finally Got my Overspray Tanning Booth

I am really excited because I finally got my overspray booth.  I hired a local contractor to make this specialized booth with a powerful extraction fan.  I wanted to show a picture here so you know what to expect when you come for a spray tan
Overspray Airbrush Tanning Spray BoothSo what does that mean for you?  It means you don't have to inhale the overspray that is evaporated while I spray tan you.
For me it also makes a big difference because I am most of the day in my spray room and I can now finally breath healthier air.