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About Airbrush Tanning

Airbrush tanning is the application of self-tanners through a spray gun or HVLP (high volume, low pressure) system. Self-tanning spray includes DHA ((Dihydroxyacetone), which is a colorless sugar that makes the magic happen in the self-tanning process. DHA color is derived from the sugar-cane plant and is FDA approved for cosmetic purposes since 1973.

DHA reacts with skin proteins, including amino acids, in the outermost layer of skin. The reaction develops brown skin coloring that looks very similar to a natural tan. The tan fades as the dead layers of skin slough off, just as in normal tanning.

Some sunless products contain an immediate cosmetic bronzer which shows an immediate tan after being sprayed. This color is not permanent and will wash off with the first shower. However, after the shower you will see a different tan which was developed by the self tanning solution (approximately 6 - 10 hours later depending on the solution being used).

I have many different tanning solutions available that I use on my clients. I choose only the best on the market and test these solutions before introducing them to my clients. I have also all organic solutions available and depending on your color preference will suggest the type that will work best for your skin type.

Please feel free to call or text me at (818) 674-9621 to set up a free, no obligation consultation session.

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Spray Tan Courses in Hollywood, California

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