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About Me

I was born in West-Berlin, Germany and have been living in Los Angeles for over 20 years. For many years, I was working in the corporate world, in Human Resources but I always had the desire or dream to have my own business. I started several Internet businesses and work from my home office but due to working from home, I felt isolated and was looking for a way to be more around people. 

For a long time, I have been impressed with airbrush tanning and therefore decided to study up on it and learn how to master it. I am certified and have successfully completed a course with the National Tanning Training Institute. To view my certificate please click here.

In 2011, I wanted to give back by teaching the art and business of spray tanning to other entrepreneurs. I launched the Hollywood Airbrush Tanning Academy and the academy has attracted students from all over the country. I will soon have trained 100 spray tanning entrepreneurs and I am now teaching my previous students how to become trainers and share this great business with others. You can find out more by visiting

I am extremely fair skinned and only get sunburns from the natural sun. I use airbrush tanning on my own body because it is the most healthiest way to get a tan, and for me, the only way to tan. 

Right after I receive my own airbrush session I receive many compliments about my look because I actually look much healthier and prettier and it brings out the blue color of my eyes and gives the impression of whiter teeth. The picture above shows my tan after having been airbrushed (5 days after session). 

When I am not airbrushing clients, I keep myself busy working on the Internet or dancing salsa. I also develop websites, create/edit videos, slide shows and do search engine optimization and marketing. 

If you have any questions about airbrush tanning or need some quick advice on Internet businesses, please feel free to ask, as I am always happy to share my knowledge. The perfect time to pick my brain or ask for any business or Internet advice would be to just schedule a quick airbrush tanning session.

I hope to hear from you soon and thank you for checking out my site.



(818) 674-9621


(818) 674-9621

Book Online by clicking here

P.S. I created a "Links" section on my website for all my clients and I am happy to add a link of your business or website and share it will all my other friends and clients. 

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